Sometimes shit goes sideways. It happens to all of us. No one is immune. And when it does, it's unsettling. It's scary and confusing and stressful. But more than anything, it's a great opportunity. It's a phenomenal chance to cling to your center, stay calm, and go with the flow. They say smooth seas don't make a seasoned sailor and that's true about life, too. While things are good, it's easy to keep your routine and create balance and flow, but it's when things are challenging, when the road gets tough, that sense of inner peace becomes difficult to find. There are some key practices that help me attempt to go with the flow: gratitude, self love, and cannabis. These things help me find my center, even when the white water rapids hit my smooth sailing groove. 

The first thing is gratitude. Whether it's writing in a gratitude journal, or sharing all of your gratitude with those you love and appreciate in real time, or simply trying to regularly focus your thoughts on what you're grateful for, rather than what you lack. I find the more I reach for gratitude, the calmer the chaos seems to be. It's really true that when you're focused on being grateful for what you have, it becomes enough. And through gratitude for what is going right, it makes it easier for other things to fall more gently into place. Rather than attempting to force things to be the way they were or the way you imagine they should be. Focusing on gratitude for what is, can be a highly effective way to reduce the stress of change. 

The next big focus for me is self love. Really attempting to be gentle with myself, even as life begins to look as though it's falling apart. When we face major changes in lifestyle, routine, relationships, etc. it can be easy to feel stressed and overwhelmed. And generally those feeling slip into negative self talk and often negative coping skills. But be kind to yourself. You are getting through something major and that doesn't mean you should expect your best performance when the degree of difficulty is reaching an all time high. Slow down and be patient with yourself. Allow yourself to evolve and be loving with yourself along the way. 

Finally, a great tool for helping you face life when it feels like the rug just got pulled out from under you is cannabis. Supplementing your body's endocannabinoid system with phytocannabinoids can help your overall sense of well being, which goes a long way when you're stressed. It helps you face the problems with a more positive approach so you can find solutions, rather than just wallowing in your stress and fear. The supplemental help of cannabis can feel like a miracle. It's straight up scary adulting all the time, so any tools you find that help you along the way are worth holding on to. 

Look, the bottom line is, you're not alone. We're all living on this rock hurtling through space just hoping to find a way to enjoy the ride. Because it's a beautiful rock we live on full of incredible and wonderful things, and the more we can let go of our imaginary version of what life should be, the more we can embrace what actually is. And by showing up and loving each other, today, right now, we are finding the best way to enjoy the ride. Even if it's not the ride we had planned. Connect with your fellow ganja goddesses (on social media until the next Getaway), we get it and we're here for you. And never forget: your tribe loves you.    -Miss Bliss