Every Sunday @ 4:20

Our weekly #SisterSeshSunday is our way of ritually connecting with our Glowing Goddess Tribe. We all make an effort to gather our cannasisters for a sistersesh each Sunday at 4:20pm. During this sistersesh we try to consciously build each other up. We cultivate our connection with our inner Glowing Goddess as we practice Radical Self Love with each inhale. We find that by taking time to focus on ourselves, we then have more to give to our families and communities. And that’s how you can puff, puff, pass your way to self improvement and making the world a better place!

Our initial launch of our SisterSeshSunday program will be at 6 different locations throughout California:

  • Sac/Tahoe: Meadow Vista with Miss Bliss

  • San Diego: City Center with Mama Love

  • LA: Venice with Sailene

  • Chico: Denice

  • SF Bay Area: Santa Cruz with Melissa

  • Denver: Maggie

Members may bring a guest to a sisterseshsunday if the host allows guests at her sistersesh gatherings. All guests are welcome to attend one sistersesh as a guest, after that they must become a member to attend any additional private sistersesh gatherings. 

Only initiated goddesses are eligible to apply (below) to host Glowing Goddess SisterSeshSunday gatherings. They may choose to host either private (members only) or open (members plus guests) SisterSeshes.

Hosts must agree to uphold our 5 High Standards and conduct all SisterSeshes with love and sisterhood at the core.

SisterSeshes are crowdsourced events and all consumables are brought potluck style to share and if possible, nobody comes empty handed, everyone is there to share.

There are no soliciting or advertising to be conducted during sistersesh events. These are community gatherings with no alternative agenda but to build community. We want to keep the experience pure.

Glowing Goddess will provide a monthly message and perhaps gift to the hosts of each sistersesh - the host is obligated to put out the offerings, but not to discuss if they do not feel like it. 


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