Glowing goddess gala


prom with weed

This couples registration is good for both you and your partner!! The Glowing Goddess Gala is an evening event to celebrate couples and cannabis!! There will be music, food, and dancing!! Unlimited dab bar plus so many fun and creative edibles! For example at past events we’ve had fresh cannabis cotton candy and a cannabis infused chocolate fountain! 

Bring your favorite dance partner and come party with the tribe! Introduce your partner to the tribe - it’s the perfect opportunity to dress up and enjoy a night out! Past Gala themes have been “Weed Prom” and “Winter Formal”, so we don’t take obviously don’t take ourselves too seriously at these events. Dress up can be serious or sarcastic - either way you’ll have a ball at the Ganja Goddess Gala!! 

SoCAL: February 16 th, 2019 7-11pm / los angeles, ca

Registration for this event will be available January 25th.