The last two months I have been diving deep into the Law of Attraction: Abraham Hicks style. What got me neck deep in the law of attraction was listening to a podcast called "The Lively Show" and the host, Jess Lively, has listened to over 800 hours of Abraham Hicks and now lives in Law of Attraction land, documenting and kindly sharing her experience. 


Currently I listen to a Hicks’ meditation on Youtube called "Financial Abundance Meditation". I listen to it every day and try to really settle into the words by releasing tension in my body and mind. With this practice, I experience how the resistance in my life melts away. When I’m experiencing resistance, I’m unhappy and whatever I’m doing becomes hard, so I notice immediately. I pause with a breath and choose (my super power) to re-align.  

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I’ve created, practiced, reflected and formed habits to bring me back into alignment. What I’ve found is the more habitual my practices become, the quicker my alignment is back. My mother says that as a child, I was happy go lucky, skipping around everywhere. Somewhere along the way I lost that and it became harder to be happy all of the time. My ego took over, the opinions of others took over, I began acting out of fear. And now, I’ve learned to recognize those voices that aren't truly my own and when I hear them, let them go, so I can listen closer to my higher self, the voice of intuition.

What does resistance and re-alignment look like? For me, I feel most aligned when I feel happy and joyful. So when I am feeling negative in my thoughts, words, or actions, I pause and choose (my super power) a different route. I take a mental and sometimes physical step back, and depending on where I’m at and the time of day, I have certain tools and activities to help me get back to my happy place. Frequently, re-alignment requires a deep breath. Sometimes realignment is tidying my desk. Other times I roll out my mat, take a toke and flow it out with the intention of proper alignment with each pose.

What I’m learning about the Law of Attraction supports my entire current trajectory.  It took time to figure out things that made me happy. But as I figure it out, it's amazing the resistance I release to ease into my happy place.