This has been such a wonderful month of love. My heart is exploding with an abundance of love for my “Tribe”. You gorgeous women of pure inspiration have allowed me a very clear purpose for our Ganja Goddess Tribe. 
The fact that I am a mother to none allows me have the space to foster and create a quality space within me to be an open vessel of @mamasailene love for you! 

The journey that has led me to YOU is my greatest lifetime accomplishment. To hold space for you, to hold your hearts' desires as my intentions, to love and be brave and bold in my love for you! To be your mother, sister, daughter, cousin, or bestie that you felt you couldn't ever connect to. I want to be your Ganja Sister, Spiritual Warrior, Goddess Mother.

I was fortunate to have recently been gifted a week in paradise to have the luxury of space, opulence, and grandeur by one of our fellow goddesses and educators, Ingrid. She asked me if I would join her in a beta study. I had no idea what that meant, only that I would be in paradise with one of my besties, supporting her in her next chapter in life as an educator.

I’ve personally been getting myself into a place to be ready for what's next, so I said YES!! Saying YES has been a joy and a challenge, but I just trust that by just saying yes will present the next door opening or the next chapter starting. I was spoiled by chefs and shamans alike, which gave me the capacity to dig deep and do the internal excavating needed to be ready to be ready for what's next! This takes daily practice.

Morning meditation is a connection to something bigger then yourself, that assures you that there is more to yourself - and to life - than you could ever imagine. Just connecting to that infinite space daily as a practice, allows me to connect to it more often during the day to stay on top of my good vibes more regularly. It's the calm that calls me. 

Morning movement (walking in my neighborhood, riding my bike along the beach, hitting up a yoga class, even spending a little time at the gym when outside conditions aren't as nice) is crucial. Daily self-care is critical. 
Whether it's a few extra minutes in a nice hot bath, a favorite song to get me up dancing and feeling good in my body or in my soul, a hot cup of coffee, or a beautiful meal I prepared. Whatever it is that makes you feel loved and cared for by yourself. 

Self Reflection is being brave enough to look at the past and see how it's impacted my decisions today. I'm done thinking small and with limited thoughts. I want this life to show expansion of thoughts and relationships to others. 

The week was amazing. I took it all in, and after hours of long walks on the beaches, talking with others, sharing our stories with one another, and daring to be vulnerable, I felt that clarity that I had been asking for. The major takeaways from this expansive and appreciative week were the following: 

Show up. Say Yes!
Be my most authentic self.
Watch the Divine unfold the magic.
Enjoy the show! 
I am endlessly in love with each and every one of you Ganja Goddesses. You show up for me, as I will always show up for you. We will watch the magic unfold, and build our Tribe together. 

In love and solidarity,