We are a self selected tribe who comes together regularly to celebrate cannabis, ourselves, and each other.

Our tribe has 5 High Standards that we strive to live by:
self love, inclusivity, empathy, good fun, and mindfulness. 


What started out as a group of women who go on a weed retreat has become so much more. What we have as a community of women is so special and it’s so much bigger than a weekend retreat. We may no longer live in villages or tribes, but we can, through the power of the internet, find each other. We can reach out and connect and love. 

As a members only social club, it gives us a safe infrastructure to curate cannabis fueled women’s retreats in multiple locations around the globe. Additionally, it helps us create permanent spaces to come together and take off our masks. It gives us safe sisters to connect with that don’t subscribe to the media or societal portrayal of women as catty or bitchy or duplicitous. In our experience women are lovers, nurturers, mothers, care takers, and givers. The Glowing Goddess Tribe is our safe place to celebrate that sort of sisterhood.  

We want to create a community with resources that are outside of an institutional setting. We want to be a platform for the tribe to connect and serve and work together to make the world better. We want a place where we can easily make new friends who are ready to make real connections to elevate everyone, every time. You can enroll for our basic membership for FREE, or join as a premium member for just $4.20/month to register for the Getaway, get the scoop on the Sisterseshes in your area, and more.

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NOTE: The Glowing Goddess Getaway is a private membership only social club. We do not cultivate, possess, sell, or distribute cannabis. All cannabis consumption is done by recreational and medically legal cannabis consumers on private property in complete legal compliance with all local and state jurisdictions. 


Group photo from the August 2017 Pescadero getaway. by Ciera Lagges

Group photo from the August 2017 Pescadero getaway. by Ciera Lagges



Deidra Bagdasarian - CEO

Deidra Bagdasarian, aka Miss Bliss, founded The Glowing Goddess Getaway in 2016 with the hopes of connecting women to each other, themselves, and the cannabis plant. She has a mission to share about the power of plants, particularly cannabis, for healing body and soul. She's taking this mission to women all over California, and soon all over the USA!! After co-founding the High Times award winning Bliss Edibles & Extracts and teaching Edibles courses at Oaksterdam University, she spent years dreaming of a cannabis event company that would serve women, a long neglected segment of the medical cannabis community. Miss Bliss has emerged as a strong and timely leader and expert in the industry, and she is eager to share her compelling stories about the healing and transformative powers of cannabis and other plants. Miss Bliss says the Glowing Goddess Getaway is absolutely her pet project, from her heart to the world!


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Sailene Ossman - COO

After spending decades sharing her love of cannabis, Sailene Ossman is uniquely qualified to recognize the need and potential of the Glowing Goddesses. Years before Abbot Kinney was a global destination or before cannabis was openly discussed, Sailene was running the area’s original delivery service while simultaneously building a local community around Abbot’s Habit, the legendary coffee house at the center of the emerging neighborhood. Glowing Goddesses represents the same sort of opportunity, but on a much wider, more integrated scale. As a rare example of the whole becoming greater than the sum of its parts, it is a much needed chance to bring a network of women who celebrate this magical plant together. Encompassing the educational, healing, spiritual, creative and social elements of the cannabis experience, the Goddesses are the next step in our collective evolution; and Sailene is thrilled to put her knowledge, soul and spirit into something as timely as it is heartfelt.