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Our Glowing Goddess Tribe has 5 High Standards which we strive to uphold at all of our Gatherings. These “high standards” set the tone for love and sisterhood to thrive in our tribe. Plus, who doesn’t love a good weed pun? This tone allows us to fully use cannabis as a creative and spiritual tool in transformative ways for ourselves and each other. In fact, these standards have integrated into our core values as women and influence all aspects of our life in positive and profound ways. We invite you to consider embracing our 5 High Standards as your own, too. 

Self Love

Not just self acceptance, but radical self love. As in unconditional love of self no matter what. It can be most difficult to love ourselves when we aren’t doing our best, but that is, in fact, when we are most in need of love and acceptance from ourselves. It is within our own self talk and self perception where adding love can be the difference between success and failure, happiness and depression, trying again or giving up. We believe in the power of self love and we believe in the power of you. For us, part of self love means investing in yourself. Consider registering for one of our retreats as a way to practice self care and show some self love! 


There is always room for one more in our sistersesh circle! In the cannabis community, we always make room for one more and never refuse to puff, puff, pass. Same with the Glowing Goddess Tribe - we believe in inclusivity because we think diversity and inclusion strengthens our community. Our willingness to find a way to connect to all Glowing Goddesses expands our perspective and makes us better women. As a private social club, we can offer payment plans to our members which makes our Getaway more affordable and therefore, more inclusive to all Glowing Goddesses. 


The world would be such a kinder and more peaceful place if we could simply have empathy and see one another’s perspective. Having empathy means having an understanding of the feelings of others. Through relating as Glowing Goddesses and understanding each other’s feelings we gain insight to others experiences and decisions. It is through this expanded perspective that we can become more centered and understanding of ourselves. We consider it part of our sacred mission to create a safe space to open your heart; both while at the Getaway and in our private, members only, online groups. 

Good Fun

There are very few people who truly understand the value of having fun. Not only does it make life better, immediately, but it also fosters positive thinking and creativity that lasts and spills into many aspects of life. We believe in the virtue of fun and like to promote good times at all of our tribe gatherings. With our regular monthly Second Sunday SisterSeshes we create an opportunity to regularly to engage in fun and take time for yourself. Join the tribe and check out a sistersesh near you! 


We believe it is only through presence in the current moment that we can create real, meaningful connections. It is only through mindful awareness of the presence that we can shut down the subconscious programming that prevents us from letting our guard down and making lasting intimate bonds with the women around us. We use cannabis to connect to the now and reduce the mental chatter and the cultivation of that mindfulness leads to transformative experiences. Plus, as a self selected tribe, we have so much power in the deliberate intention to connect using cannabis as our creative and spiritual tool.