Ganja Goddesses!!! You are gonna love this little creation by our very own Alejandra from @RiseandShineMag. It’s the “Smoke a Latte”!! It’s the ultimate for portable and discreet joint smoking!! Check out the video and simple steps below for a full tutorial on how to make your very own Smoke a Latte (SaL) at home!

  1. obtain a paper cup with lid and straw
  2. trim the straw so it only goes down into the cup 1 - 2” below the lid
  3. roll a joint with a crutch and aim to make the crutch just a bit smaller than the straw
  4. shove the crutch into the straw (a long crutch helps)
  5. light the joint and close the lid tight
  6. Smoke a Latte and enjoy

The great thing about the SaL at our SoCal Getaway was not only does it catch its own ash, but it keeps your joint protected from the wind, so it doesn’t go out, even while passing! Which makes it perfect for the desert, (like at our Coachella Valley Getaway) or great for the beach at your next bonfire and sistersesh.

I won’t even mention all the places you could take it due to it’s super incognito status, but you can imagine. So, be sure to try out this Puff, Puff, Craft at home and take pics and share with the hashtags #ganjagoddessgetaway, #sistersesh, and #smokealatte. It won’t be a Pinterest fail, I promise!! Can’t wait to see your sisterseshes with the Smoke a Latte!!!