*Photography by  @CieraLagges

*Photography by @CieraLagges

This weekend was phenomenal. This was the first getaway with “the tent” - a giant white canopy that housed the main stage. Upon arrival Thursday afternoon the grass was laid out strategically with flattened tents, an army of volunteers staked, connected and erected 10 tents. And then disassembled them Sunday afternoon. Tent setup is the task I dread the most and this time it was a breeze. Everyone was pitching in, everyone was taking control. This time more than ever I felt complete ease and flow of setting up. Watch more behind the scenes from Thursday night's volunteers setting up day before Coachella Valley by clicking here


Before each event joint rolling is a special task. Plates of ground up weed with cones and piles of freshly twisted Ganja Goddess pre rolls lay. Conversations around the meditative activity is sure to make you laugh, cry, think, feel inspired by. 


The first thing I did Friday morning was sign up for my astrological chart reading. I supplied my name, place & time of birth and email and I was the first one she read. I filmed my reading, if you’re interesting in that you can watch my whole reading here.

Other memorable classes included the sexual empowerment class with Ashley Manta. She paired up Goddesses, and had them look into each other’s eyes and compliment each other, and then stand up and brag about one another. You can watch part of her class by clicking here and you can watch the public brags by clicking here.  


Trichome Trish taught a class how to roll blunts & joints & you can watch clips from her class here.


I learned basic tips and tricks in the hula hoop class taught by Mrs Hoop Flow - I feel confident to pick up a hoop now, as a form of exercise, movement, flow, and meditation. Clips from this class you can watch here.


Sailene taught us how to CannaHost like a Ganja Goddess with bud bars & fruit bong tutorials. Watch her class here


The sound bath Saturday night was especially dreamy, Kayren walked us through a chakra meditation - playing singing bowls correlating with each energy center. I felt energized and recharged afterwards and then soaked in the hot tub. 


Sunday was another deeply relaxing Kayren meditation and light yoga movement. During yoga class Sunday morning I sat next to three ladies from South Dakota. I told them the story of being pulled over while in SD, searched, confiscated our stash, and written up for paraphernalia story. They were from “the rez” and said I was lucky, they had just spent the night in jail because they had 2 oz on them. I told them I was glad they made it to the Getaway. Then we smoked a doobie and moved our bodies for a super slow flow.


The dab bar was always bumping, and I hear you morning dabbers - we will make sure the dab bar is open earlier for you, next time.  


Staying present is rejuvenating and appreciating is key.

There’s something to be said about being surrounded by women vibing on a higher frequency together, using ancient plant wisdom to enhance our experience is tremendous. Everyone unique in their perfect, divine ways and who love to blaze. 

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Thank you Ganja Goddesses, thank you Volunteers, thank you for reading, and watching and participating in this movement of women supporting women. I hope to see you at an upcoming event.  

all of the love,

Kelli Valentine