Let’s talk about a little thang called GIRL POWER!!! Here’s the deal, Ganja Goddesses, our whole event from set up to take down is executed wholly and entirely by women. And we think that’s badass. So let’s talk about why this has become our tradition.


Truth be told, it hasn’t always been this way. In the very beginning, we brought along the men in our lives to set up and take down and even run our dab bar. We figured if all traditional cannabis events before us had “dab babes” hosting their dab bars, that turnabout is fair play and we oughtta have “dab guys” running our dab bar! Besides, they were all cannabis professionals from extraction to distribution - these guys know their way around dabs.

But, soon we learned that in such a safe and sacred feminine space, they just didn’t feel like they belonged. In fact, they came to us and said they felt like we didn’t need them and that they shouldn’t be there. And they were right. At one of our earliest Getaways, some of the ladies were starting to paint each others bodies and the guys made a swift departure. They felt like us ladies needed a place to foster a safe environment where we feel like we CAN take our tops off and paint our bodies by the firelight and then dance under the stars. And they didn’t want to be in the way of that. And we love them for it.

Because what happened in their absence was personal growth amongst the tribe. It wasn’t deliberate, exactly, but it definitely fed into our flow. Having our volunteer staff arrive early and work (like legitimately sweat) to serve our tribe turned out to be the perfect way to create an environment of service, love, and generosity. Our hearts were already opening up with our efforts for our canna sisters and the sense of cooperation and teamwork we were fostering together. We take pride in the little glamping village we erect everywhere we go. We hang our heritage prayer flags to decorate our dwellings - filled with the love and intention of the ganja goddesses from Getaways past. We swing hammers and problem solve and sweat and in that we become a tribe and we fall in love.


It is that love, that teamwork and GIRL POWER that becomes the foundational energy of the entire Getaway. When each new goddess arrives she can feel the good vibes already filling the air around her. And they come from our effort. They come from our love. They come from our desire to create a safe and loving space where we can all learn and grow from each other.And that feels pretty badass.

Come feel the girl power for yourself at the next Getaway. Can’t wait to sistersesh with you!


Until then….

Misses and Kisses,

Miss Bliss