Sisterhood is one of the coolest super powers we have in this life. And yet, many women fear connecting with the other women around them. I feel this is no accident. Those in power have historically disenfranchised those they feel threatened by. And I gotta think, women united together, bonded in sisterhood, are one of the most powerful forces that exists. But, still don’t be afraid of the women around you. Don’t fear sisterhood. Have the courage to take off your masks, be vulnerable, and make sincere heart connections. By connecting with our sisters and forming communities we reduce violence and we help eliminate isolation, And the isolation that women face in our society often breeds depression, anxiety, loneliness, and even suicide. 

Nobody is going to magically create communities for us, we have to do it ourselves. We have to treat the women around us as sisters in order to cultivate community in our own lives. I’m always telling my kids “the best way to have a friend is to be one”, well that extends to tribe building as well. We invite you to use cannabis as a tool to connect. Find your fellow Ganja Goddesses and make real friendships! We have started posting “Roll Call” threads on our Facebook page to help you find local friends and connect. 

But it all starts in your heart, with your willingness to embrace vulnerability and start a conversation. Invite new friends over for a sistersesh and build the tribe! Since “strong social support” (aka a tribe) is one of the key indicators of health, success, and happiness it seems worth the effort! What are you waiting for? Sister Sesh Sunday is coming up - it’s a great opportunity to reach out and connect. We know you can do it! And we know it’s worth it! Go for it and remember, your tribe loves you!!!