My dab pen gives me magical powers. I’ve started thinking of it as more of a magic wand than a medical device. The thing is, when I have it with me I feel better about facing…well, anything really. When I am nervous about a business meeting, it’s an absolute necessity in my purse. When I’m about to face higher mileage than I’ve ever run before on the trails, I feel far less apprehensive with my dab pen in my hydro-pack. Heading to a family event, of any kind, it’s certainly a must have item. 

But, the part that truly makes it magical (beyond the fact that it’s a device which allows you to inhale cannabinoids without cumbustion, obvs) is that oftentimes I don’t even need to use it. I guess this sort of makes it a security blanket. But, one with medicinal and therapeutic properties that actually makes it a secure or as I like to call it “hella clutch” tool.  

It’s amazing the relief I get from not only knowing my dab pen is on my person, but from using it as well. It quiets my chronic pain that comes from having a chronic disease. It’s also equally effective at soothing my mental pain that comes from anxious and depressive thoughts. Furthermore, it does all this without taking away the magical quality that is my unique self. It doesn’t dull or mute or change me. It just supplements my endocannabinoid system which makes all my internal systems and bodily functions perform better. 

So, I will continue to use my magic wand to bring me confidence and courage as I move through life. For some it might be a life hack, for others dependency - but no matter what anyone else thinks, it fuckin works for me. And, I promise to only use the magic for good.  

Peace, love & dabs,

Miss Bliss

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