So, it's count down to our first Getaway of 2018 and I can think of little else. I'm so excited to be back with my tribe. When I first dreamed up the Getaway, I was excited for all the things we advertise: the hot tub, the location, the classes, the crafts, the workshops, the fireside, the food, the drum circle, sounds baths, and of course ALL OF THE WEED!!!! But, now that we've done this a half dozen times, the thing I most look forward to is YOU. 


It's you. It's not the fabulous vacay with all the amenities, although I do love a lush setting, it still pales in comparison to you. It's your open heart, your vulnerability, the way you puff, puff, pass. It's your smile, your contageous laugh, it's how excited you are about the endless supply of chocolate. It's your first dab, and your hopes and dreams, it's your pictures of your kids, and the way you sing. It's your cannabis stories, and your experiences and your gifts that you share. It's your open hearts and your open minds and openness to care. I love you, tribe. I love your candor, your wit, your vibe. I'm so grateful to have found my place in space and time, with the Ganja Goddesses, my cannasisters, my community, my tribe. 

See you soon, 

Miss Bliss