I make photos and videos at the Getaways and I find joy in documenting the happenings of each event.  There are plenty goddess-y things going on at every moment and I find with a simple strategy I am able to enjoy my time while co-creating beautiful shots. I thrive on taking time to plan and strategize, so here are my favorite tech tools I use to document our 3 day Ganja Goddess Getaways in 2018. 


I carry my phone around the whole time, either in my back pocket or in a small camera bag/cooler I carried around for camera gear, water bottle and fruit. With my phone I made horizontal live photos all weekend with the purpose of gifs and stories on Instagram. I made some horizontal videos on my phone too, for example, my astrological reading and when I remembered to, when a goddess was talking to me.

The final tech tool I used was videos with the Canon 80D and Rode Mic. Once the sun went down and the lighting source became only fire and pool light, I attached the mic to C’s camera (which is a Canon MKIII) and put on a 50mm lens. This manual focus low light combination is money, picking up any and every detail you desire. (You can see the low-light loveliness in this LIFE HACK video by clicking here OR watching this fireside Green Lodge video by clicking here.)


I focus on capturing what’s going on at the event and I see it as my service to the Goddesses who were at the event. I get to come home and have these beautifully curated memories and how I give back is to edit those pieces of the weekend together to tell the stories of the these tremendous ganja loving women, so that more women can watch and know about this experience.

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Thanks for reading & watching!

love ya,