We have had sound baths at many of our Getaways, we love to include them whenever we can because the sound is so intensely healing and creates such profound experiences for our goddess tribe. Our favorite Sound Baths have been performed by Kayren Pierce, a longtime sound and energy healer. She brings a set of giant crystal singing bowls and just fills our space with vibrational love and light.


Well, at this last Getaway this Spring in Coachella Valley was the pinnacle of sound bath experiences for me. With the addition of our new MainStage Tent it created a dome to capture the sound. Kayren placed the crystal singling bowls (which are each tuned to one of the Seven Chakras) in a circle around the center pole of the tent. Their sound created vibrations in the ground underneath us, as well as flowed in a toroidal sphere around us as the sound waves were caught in the tent and washed back down over us. It was within in this womb of sound that I experienced some of the most profound visions and connection to divine energy I’ve ever experienced. I prepped for the sound bath with hella dabs, so I know that cannabis as an entheogenic plant really helped aid my ability to connect with the flow and sync in with the vibes.


What I saw, the images and messages that came to me during that sound bath were incredible. It was as if we were all admiring this lovely statue and we thought, what beautiful art. How smoothly sculpted and perfect this artistic creation seemed to be. We were so happy with this symbol of femininity and grace. It was so lovely and awesome. But then, it turned out the sculpture wasn’t what we thought at all. Because then suddenly, I saw a great thriving love break free from its statuesque shell with tendrils of life and energy unfurling to greet the universe. I’ve never witnessed such a symbolic and promising image - full of love and connection taking over the fear and emptiness that sometimes seems to fill our space.


You see, the statue is what we thought we were creating together, but the love inside that broke free is the real manifestation. The vision was a symbolic representation of the Getaway. We thought we were building this lovely place for women to renew themselves - but more than any lovely experience we create, the real magic is in the love and connection we all share. The sisterhood that has broken free from any event or label we give ourselves. The legitimate love and friendship that burns deep in all our hearts and creates a tribe, a community, a sisterhood that makes each of us stronger. We unfurl and bloom and grow and reach into the ethers full of that love light to discover a better way to move through reality. We find we can move through the world with more confidence and courage because we have a community, a tribe of canna sisters who only want the best for us. Because we have each other, we can give to world. Because we love each other, we can see the best in ourselves. Because we have a place to go where we can thrive and bask in the glow of our fellow goddesses, we tune our vibration to abundance and gratitude and can spread that healing energy to our families and world.



I don’t know what you saw during that sound bath, but I can’t wait for the next one!! I have always found sound to have great power to shift my perspective through music, soothing words, chants, and breathing. I can’t wait to hear what your experience was like! And thank you, thank you so much to our divine goddess Kayren, for your pure heart to lead us in such a healing, enlightening, and truly beautiful experience. Your tribe loves YOU!!!

’Til next time,
Miss Bliss