My very first Ganja Goddess Getaway experience in August of 2016 - I met a lot of ladies, like myself, who enjoy smoking/vaping Mary as a creative and spiritual tool.  With each passing Getaway experience I am blown away by the mix of familiar and fresh new faces that grace my gaze.  And in 2017 - the first full year of events - the amount of incredibly huge hearted ladies (TRIBE) collected like a snowball collects snow.  So when the end of the year Gala (peep the photo gallery here) rolled around I was the happiest little girl child getting to stay in the same house as fellow goddesses I'd met months and weeks prior.  So when I woke up at 4am, I got to wake and bake fireside with Miss Bliss. When I got home from the Gala at midnight, I got to decompress with a joint and the ladies who made the vision a reality.  It's my honor to share with you my perspective of this weekend full of love, light and MARY JANE.  Thank you ladies for making my dreams come true.