I dance through life to curated playlists my wife creates specific to occasion, activity and mood.  When she suggested having an end of the year Gala - she naturally had a playlist up her sleeve. 

  Her process began by finding "every song I ever liked" and narrowing it down from there.  Having acquired a wide range of tunes from her parents growing up, the playlist quickly became days long.  To initially narrow down, it made sense to categorize songs into genres.  She decided on 4 genres - 1 every hour - beginning with the oldies (but goodies) and working up to current dancing hits.  If the music didn't make her move, it was nixed.  Ruthless editing.   Thus the theme, A Journey Through Time was born!  Getting stoners to dance is a tricky task, so playing a little something for everyone was the way to go.   

She's graciously allowed us access to The Gala playlist for our own listening and dancing pleasure.  Spotify is amazing like that.  Scroll down to listen. 

Thank You DJC$!!