The earliest roots of my ganja goddess origin story might be typical of many women my age—over 30, let’s say. We were raised with the myth that cannabis was bad because it was lumped in with the big scary drugs—the ones that are actually addictive and destructive. So, as a church-run private college dropout in the 90s, I found myself engaged in many formerly forbidden activities, not the least of which was furtively inhaling sweet, skunky smoke with guitar-playing boys, with guilt and worry flitting around the edges of the scene. I never did try any other drugs, and so, now after I’ve learned so much about the medicinal properties of cannabis, it is easy to see that my instincts were on-target. Even though the misinformation was still hovering over me, I could feel the goodness of the plant. All I really knew then was that it made things softer, sweeter, and it didn’t leave me dehydrated and headachy like alcohol. Despite the lack of a supportive community back then, my body told me that it was safe and healthful.

The years passed, and I didn’t encounter cannabis for a long time. But, as state after state has recognized the medicinal bounty within this simple, gorgeous plant, I have found myself eagerly following along, hoping for everyone to have access to its healing properties, and wondering if I would need it someday.

Not too long ago, my life, though happy and wonderful in many ways, had also grown into one that was filled with anxiety and was absent creativity. Every day I would send my teenagers off to school and use housework to avoid my writing projects, while buzzing with worry as though my nervous system had been tuned to double speed. I would think about what I know of the wonders of cannabis, feeling like it could be the solution to both the anxiety and the dried-up fountain of inspiration, but for a long time I found myself too anxious to even try. What if the kids need something mid-day? What if a friend calls to go for a walk? Until finally the stars aligned to offer me some time in which to experiment with dosing, and find just the right amount for me, in my life. With cannabis, the roaring anxiety has receded, and the creativity has begun to sprout again. I have been reborn as a goddess who owes my magical powers to ganja!

How did you awaken the ganja goddess within YOU? Share your origin story with us in the comments, and have a blissful day!