That’s my big question! How do you ladies partake in cannabis? Do you prefer to smoke, dab, vape, eat, or drink your medicine?! Here at GGG headquarters I asked some of our resident goddesses their favorite methods of ingestion – here are their preferences:

Dab/Vape:  20%
Smoke: 40%
Eat: 40%

Now, here’s the crazy part! Check this out…

Chart of the Week: Sales of Marijuana Concentrates, Edibles Surging in Colorado


We’re exactly in line with what Colorado’s market is experiencing. And I’ve seen reports that California is trending the same way. Including within my own Edibles & Extracts business. It’s an exciting time for cannabis users – our choices are growing! And our new choices involve more discretion and healthier alternatives to smoking. So, I ask again, how do you like to partake? Let us know in the comments section below!