I guess defining the term Ganja Goddess is up to every goddess to decide for herself. But to me, being a ganja goddess means that I’m trying to use cannabis as a tool to improve and better myself, in general. More specifically, I like to use cannabis as a meditative tool. I find it helps me think outside the box and see things from a new perspective. And typically, that perspective has less self judgment and more empathy.

I find that cannabis helps me connect to the divine within myself – the part of me that’s connected to you, and to all people, all animals, plants, and life on this planet, and perhaps the universe. There is significant evidence and a scientific theory for how the spiritual concept “We are all One” is actually a physical reality. And cannabis helps me get to that place. It is this place of unity or oneness which we are striving to connect to at the Ganja Goddess Getaway.

If you use cannabis, or would like to use cannabis, as a meditative and spiritual tool, we hope you’ll consider joining us at the Getaway. There are limited tickets available, so be sure to secure yours soon! Looking forward to seeing you there, and truly making a connection.