So, I read this article and I wanted to share it with you. Check it out:

 Medical Marijuana Makes Me a Better Mother: Good Housekeeping.

I can so completely relate. I, too, am a marijuana mom. I started using medical cannabis to treat my debilitating depression before I had kids. Then, during pregnancy with my second, I had the experience of being a patient for very physical reasons. I was severely sick. I logged 1,500+ times vomiting over the course of 5 months. I was in excruciating pain most of the time. I was stuck in bed and unable to get up, even to vomit.

Eventually I was diagnosed with gallbladder disease. It gave me so much empathy for all the patients who’ve used our products through the years. Especially those in intractable physical pain. That’s no joke. I’ve never been more grateful in my life to be a medical cannabis patient. With the guidance, oversight, and approval of multiple doctors and health care professionals, I used cannabis to combat my endless pain and nausea.

It quite literally saved me. See, when you’re already prone to depression, living for months in constant pain and vomiting and being in bed can be so frightening and crippling. But for me, in spite of my depressive tendencies and with the help of weed, I was able to keep my spirits high and just be grateful for the new life growing inside of me. Well, most of the time. I also had incredible help from my husband; his contributions cannot be overstated. One of his contributions was literally making my medicine for me. And vaporizing that medicine brought me back from the edge, every time.

There is a lot of stigma for being a marijuana mom. But, I’m grateful to have access to a medicine that helps me show up and be present with my kiddos when my body can’t do it alone. Sometimes our bodies need help getting back into balance and healing from the pain and disease that we face in our lives. Cannabis is a gentle way for me to do that. It helps me be my best so I can offer others, especially my children, my very best self. How about you? Are you a marijuana mom? Is it a secret? It can be scary to share, but that’s what we’re trying to do here: create a safe space for all of us to come (as our friends at HHC like to say), “out of the shadows and into the light.”

With all of the Love,

Miss Bliss