About five years ago, when I lived in San Francisco, I went in to renew my Medical Cannabis Recommendation. There was a new doctor at the office and when I talked to him about my primary reason for using cannabis, as an anti-depressant, he said to me “food is mood”. He said that the cleaner, more plant based, alive, fresh, local food I could consume, the less I would have to rely on cannabis alone as an anti-depressant. And you know what, goddesses? He was right. He was totally, 100% right!!

Since that time, I’ve overhauled my diet completely and shifted through lots of different eating styles along the way. But that little mantra “food is mood” has stuck with me through it all and become my standard for what stays, and what goes, in my diet.  And the diet of my family, too. Sure, the food has to make you feel great physically – but lots of things can meet that criteria. But how does it make you feel mentally, emotionally, spiritually even?

Eliminating processed foods and shifting to a whole food diet has had as equally a positive effect on my depression as has cannabis. I’ll say that again more clearly – eating whole fruits and vegetables and completely eliminating processed food has been an equally effective anti depressant as cannabis. WOW!!! That’s amazing!!! It shocks me still as I say it now! Food! Real, whole food! It’s as anti-depressing as weed!!! And weed is the BEST antidepressant I’ve ever found. And I’ve looked. 

I wanted to share that with you because that is the reason we have so many clean options at the Getaway. It’s so important to me that everyone in the community be served and nourished by what we feed you. I take the responsibility for feeding hungry goddesses who are busy expanding, loving, and creating, very seriously. I want to offer you the best I can. I want everyone to feel as good as they can. Be as happy as possible. I want you to be in the best head space to love yourself. To love each other. To find that goddess within and love her, appreciate her, respect her – worship her. She is the divine. You are the divine. And God is Love. You are Love. Be Love. You are loved by me, and by all of your goddess sisters. March cannot come soon enough!!!

With All the Love in my Heart,
Miss Bliss