A dab bar is expected at every cannabis event these days.  So what makes the Ganja Goddess Getaway special?  My curiosity has me explain certain cannabis consumption techniques I've observed at the 2017 Ganja Goddess Getaways.  The categories I've come up with based on our photo library includes; smoking, vaping (flower), dabbing (extractions), and edibles.  The sheer number of ways available to try cannabis at each Getaway has inspired me to share.  Let's get into it. 

Smoking flower is possibly the most common form of cannabis consumption at Getaways.  A broad category of 'smoke'  includes: joints, blunts, pipes and bongs.  The key here is flower - the green - that good good.  Plus fire - to burn the bud and make the smoke to fill your lungs with an inhale. 

Joints are rolled before every Getaway by staff and volunteers and are handed out lit throughout the event by a selected joint ambassador.  A joint ambassador's duty is to make sure whomever wishes to smoke a joint has a joint to smoke.  Every group of ladies is passing at least a joint at all times. 

Blunts come in all sizes, only increasing in girth and length with each passing Getaway.  Blunts also come in the glass variety - with a twisting screw to easily discard the ashed bit of flower and move up the fresh bit for the next hit.  Blunts seem celebratory at Getaways,  lighting up around the time of the group picture - they are perfect for sharing in large groups.  A typical big a$$ blunt burns for up to 2 hours!

Bongs are as unique as blunts are. And they come in all shapes and sizes.  Some of my favorites have been Gravity bongs, bongs from the movie, Grandma's Boy and a 3D printed bong with a double mouth piece - to share a bowl with a friend.  

Sticking with flower, remove the flame - add heat.  That's a Volcano.  A vaporizing contraption - a crowd favorite due to the share-ability of the massive cloud-in-a-bag.  A smoke-free method of consumption allows for a cleaner cannabis experience.  I'm from Washington, I named my volcano, Helen.  

Did someone say Dab Bar?  Yes, we always have a dab bar, however, we've got more ways than an e-nail to dab.  An electronic nail (e-nail) is the easiest when electricity is available - with the flip of a switch the rig is heated up to the preferred temperature.   A camping torch is also used to heat up a dab nail in times of need.   

For those who dab on the go, there's something called the Nectar Collector and it's amazing. 

And of course, edibles.  The party has to end at some point, and it's typical after the edibles kick in.  I strategically eat something medicated an hour before dinner - that way when my body is digesting food, it is also digesting the TCH and CBD, allowing the effects to really kick in.  

Some of the tasty treats include, medicated mocha bars, mint chocolate cupcakes, peanut butter cake, cotton candy, sugar located at the coffee bar and other surprise goodies from our sponsors, like the medicated honey pictured below. 

If you're like most stoners, you travel with your own piece to smoke with - as a safety net.  If that's the case and you brought your pipe, we supply a cleaning station to properly clean and care for your piece.  Why smoke out of a dirty pipe when you don't have to?  We teach you our favorite tips for a clean pipe every time. 

I know it seems like a lot, because, it is.  That's why we are making every getaway in 2018 - 2 nights.  Ample time to try out all of the methods of consumption mentioned above.  

If you have a favorite form of medicating, leave us a comment, tag us #ganjagoddessgetaway and let us know how you use cannabis. 

Peace, Love and Dabs.