Oh! My! Goddess!!! What an epic weekend we had at the inaugural Ganja Goddess Getaway!! Last weekend changed me forever. And for the better in so many ways. The ripples of the open-hearted LOVE shared last weekend are still reverberating in my soul, my family, my home, my community, and in my world. Magic is happening!! Thank YOU to every Ganja Goddess who came and shared their light – and I don’t just mean our talented staff and specialists. I mean every single attendee! Each and every one of you greeted me (and each other) with such love and open hearts, eager to share and be part of this new tribe of women who empower and lift themselves and each other.

I cannot believe the momentum that was sparked last weekend – we have something HUGE to share with our world. By simply being our most authentic selves and wanting to spread love, we are doing it. Simply with our intention to make the world better and our aim to be the change we want to see, we are doing it. Simply by smoking weed with our sisters with the mission to ease suffering and foster RADICAL SELF LOVE, we are doing it. Never doubt, never ever doubt, for a single second that as Margaret Mead said, “a small group of thoughtful, committed [goddesses] can change the world. Indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.” Can’t wait to see your posts today at 4:20pm for #sisterseshsunday! I’m so excited to watch the Ganja Goddess Tribe spread our unique, loving energy with the world. This is only the beginning, goddesses!! Can’t wait to see where our path leads . . .

With ALL of the LOVE,
Miss Bliss