Sample schedule of the event. Here are some more general details that may be helpful as you prepare for your trip! Including the schedule of events so you can get a sneak peak of what’s happening at The Getaway!!


Noon: Registration
2pm: Welcome by Miss Bliss
3pm: Painting Bud Portraits Workshop with Melissa Rojas
4:20:  Astrology: ”Universal Answers" by Dreya Frankhuizen
6pm: Dinner
8pm: Fireside: "The Mystical Experience" by Aryshta Dean


8am: Meditation with Gillian McCord
9am: Breakfast
10am: Women in Cannabis Panel
Noon: Lunch
1:30pm: "The Essence of Intuition" by Alice Marlie
3pm: Canna Ice Cream Making Workshop by Andi Bixell
4:20: Lakeside SisterSesh
6pm: Dinner
8pm: Fireside Drum Circle & Cannabis Ceremony by Maggie Wilson


8am: Meditation with Khara Pechtes
9am: Breakfast
10am: Ganja Yoga with Dee Dussault
11:00: Close by Miss Bliss

*All classes subject to change without further notice.