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420 GIVE

I love this 365 Give concept that fosters a daily practice of giving as a way to cultivate personal happiness while making the world a better place. And what a better place to start than at the Getaway. I like to think of 4/20 as the Stoner New Year and look at what cannabis has helped me accomplish in the past year and think about what it can help me accomplish this year. Resolutions at New Years can be so intimidating and overwhelming, while commitments to cannabis feel more like happy gifts I give myself with the help of my ultimate sistersesh partner, Cannabis Sativa herself.

SOooooo, I’m going to be doing the 420 to 420 Give challenge. I am going to focus on my giving back to my tribe (whether Ganja Goddess or local community) from 4/20/2018 to 4/20/2019 and I invite you to join me in this journey. We can share stories and experiences and grow all along the way! Plus swap ideas for simple and meaningful ways to give back. Like maybe make treats for your local ASA, SSDP, or NORML meeting. Or maybe write a letter to a canna prisoner. Or twist one up and give it to a stranger. Or work on a quilt for 15 min a day to donate to a canna kid. Or you could just host your girls for a sistersesh and double score (420 GIVE + SisterSeshSunday) on Sundays!!! Share more ideas with us via Facebook and Instagram because we’re gonna be talking about our 420 Give project all year long!!

Your tribe loves you,

Miss Bliss