Last weekend was our first annual Oregon Ganja Goddess Getaway at Smoke on the Water Campground at Lake Selmac. And it was glorious! There was a perfect storm of wonderfulness that created such a magical Getaway. Let me share some of the highlights…

The Lake
Okay, so Lake Selmac is simply stunning. A hidden jewel nestled in the tall trees of Southern Oregon. And while this pic is gorgeous, it doesn’t do it justice. Mother Nature really put on a show with stunning sunsets and enchanting wildlife. And the ladies brought plenty of fun things to float on and play with!! We giggled like girls and smoked like goddesses and soaked up every bit of love and laughter the lake kept reflecting back at us. 

Individual Camp Sites
This was a game changer!! In the past, we’ve just all camped together in a field or meadow (or horse pasture!). This time we had individual tent sites with electricity, running water, a picnic table, and fire ring at each one! Not that we built fires, it was WARM, we used the lake a LOT! The creature comforts of tent site phone charging and running water to brush your teeth before bed really helped keep our goddesses more content. Plus, a bath house with flushing toilets and hot showers was such a treat! We will be looking for more locations with these features because we all loved it so much! 

The Giant Unicorn Sprinkler
It turns out running through the sprinklers is still hysterically fun. And when that sprinkler is a giant inflatable unicorn with the water misting and spraying out of it’s horn more than 6’ high?!?! Your inner child comes out to PLAY!!!! We ran and giggled and got wet and beat the heat!! Then went back to the MainStage tent out of the sun and got entertained. Then over to the Ganja Bar to grab an edible, joint, bowl, or dab! Then over to the food for a snack. Then you start getting a little hot again and that glorious cycle continues. 

Our New Edibles Call
This was really fun! The Oregon Goddesses decided we needed a way to page for more edibles at the Ganja Bar. They didn’t want us to have to constantly check on the refill status so they devised a clever call to the staff to help them get restocked! This is the same call some of our goddesses have used at past events to call to each other across the meadow. Apparently this adapted bird call “Caaw-Caaw” is just the call of the Getaway. It may have different meanings at different events, but we loved using it to get fresh edibles. Magic! In fact, a certain goddess from NYC lamented that it makes her sad that she can’t just call out “Caaw-Caaw” as she’s strolling down Broadway and have Medicated Caramels appear before her. She’s working on it. We all are. Because that’s the kind of world we wanna live it! ;) 

Painting on Demand
In addition to our regular MainStage “Puff, Puff, Crafts” we had our painting class at the MainStage this time, too. This meant canvases and painting supplies were out and available all weekend long at the MainStage and because of this convenience, there was so much gorgeous painting!! We loved seeing all the creations that appeared as if by magic overnight. We would wake up each morning to a fresh gallery of creations. There was even a piece that was affectionately dubbed “Space Penis” - creative ladies! LOL

Staff Teams
For this event we organized our volunteer staff into teams: Welcome, Weed, and Warmth! Each of these three teams cover different facets of facilitating the Getaway. With this simple organizational shift, the operational side of the Getaway was smooth like butter. It flowed and flourished in unprecedented ways. I feel the staff gave more and got more from the event than ever before. This flow allowed for the creation of the most loving and positive vibes we’ve ever fostered at any retreat!! A feat I would have previously deemed impossible! It was amazing!

Overall, we gathered as sisters. We gathered as friends. We gathered as a tribe. We were radically candid and vulnerable and loving and it resulted in instant connections and lifelong friendships. We let our walls down and spoke to each other like we’d knew and trusted each other, and because of that, we could. What started as a group of strangers became more with the magic of cannabis and connection. I am so grateful and happy and inspired by the women who self identify as Ganja Goddesses - thank you for being our cannasisterfriends! 

Your Tribe Loves You!

Miss Bliss