REAL TALK: It’s been a little quiet lately. In the spirit of full disclosure here’s what’s up with the Getaway and with me. For legal branding purposes, we have been compelled to change the name of our retreat from the Ganja Goddess Getaway to the Glowing Goddess Getaway. This hasn’t been easy. It’s scary to make changes. But, we feel this is an opportunity to improve on our name as Glowing Goddess is arguably more inclusive to all goddesses and normalizes cannabis in a way that Ganja Goddess Getaway does not. However, change cannot happen without doubt. What if it doesn’t make things better, but actually makes them worse? It’s scary to think that it will be a rough transition or that we may not have the same impact. 

I know…”what’s in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.” And that’s the truth that we’re embracing through this change. We will always have the same 5 High Standards and we will always be a safe space for women. And we hope to make that happen for many more women. Hopefully, even more than we could have before. With 10 states passing recreational cannabis and 32 with medical laws, there are thousands of women being given the opportunity to try cannabis and they may not identify with the term “ganja goddess”. Furthermore, ganja is a hindi word with strong Jamaican ties and since the co-founders are neither, our use of that word may not be the most sensitive borrowing. Besides all that - I love the concept of Glowing Goddesses using cannabis to glow up!! More on that in a minute…

Aside from all of this, I’ve had so much loss and grief in my personal life lately. And with all the wildfires it seems the whole state of California is in a constant state of grief with me. 2018 has seen a lot of changes for the Getaway and it kind of makes sense to end the year with the biggest change of all: to change our name. In the beginning of the year, we lost our event processing platform (and the backbone of our business because of the canna-ban). Then in the late spring we had resignations on our board and lost our 5 Sisters. Then, over the summer we lost our data. And now, we’re ending the fall with changing our name. We feel a bit like a phoenix, being reborn and starting anew as a stronger, wiser, better version of ourselves. We invite you to be reborn with us as glowing goddesses. 

Don’t just light up, glow up! 

At the Glowing Goddess Getaway, as always, we use cannabis as a creative and spiritual tool. And we think that the choice to do so shouldn’t be shocking. It’s just as normal to choose to light up a joint as it is to choose to pour a glass of wine - and wellness retreats with wine aren’t called Chardonnay Getaways…although maybe they should be?? LOL! In the spirit of normalizing weed, at our retreats we welcome cannabis to be part of the experience if it’s a tool that serves you. Not all of our attendees choose to consume cannabis (though most do, because duh - cannabis!), and those that do, choose a variety of levels of consumption. From micro-dosed THC to CBD-only offerings, we can help goddesses explore lots of ways to elevate their experience.  

But more than anything else, we’re here to connect as women, authentically, and take off our masks using myriad tools at our disposal including workshops, dance, art, movement, breaking bread, and of course our favorite tool of all: cannabis. Nothing about our retreat is changing but the name. And we hope it’s all just part of our unfolding story as an intergenerational organization for women to elevate their life through cannabis and connection. Because that is what matters most of all, amiright?? 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out. 

All my love,
Miss Bliss