As many of you know, the Ganja Goddess Tribe has had a board of “5 Sisters” who ran the Getaway. Until recently, we have all worked together to build this weekend event into a community that has evolved into the tribe we all know and love. Well, things have changed and in the spirit of full transparency to our tribe, I want to share with you what those things are. It’s taken a minute to fully process these changes before I was ready to share with you. Now, I see these changes as a gift to all involved, so I’m ready to share. 

It started first when Kelli Valentine, our Videographer and Content creator, decided to resign. She has since launched her Follow Dreams Tour and as the name suggests she is now chasing her own personal dreams. She is free of any additional obligations, to more easily express creatively and leave her mark. While we were so bummed to see her go, how could that last when she is so clearly blooming?? She is inspiring us all with her immediate momentum in her own passion project. And we are only grateful for her contributions to building this tribe. She is a powerhouse and we love her and we will always have a place for her anytime she ever wants to join us at the Getaway. #FOLLOWDREAMSWITHKELLI 

Second, Ciera Lagges, our Creative Director, Photographer, and Graphic Designer also decided to resign. She did so to focus on her own personal brand, her freelance career, and to follow her dreams. So she is with Kelli and they are doing everything we want for them to do: living their best life, having a blast, and chasing their bliss. While this, too, has been a bittersweet parting - it came as a bit less of a shock. We recognize as Ganja Goddess evolves as a tribe, it only has more needs from the board. Ciera does everything with excellence and her professional work exemplifies her high standards; therefore, it just makes sense that she is unwilling to spread herself too thin. She knows she cannot be her best that way and we support her only being her best. Completely. We love her and always will. We appreciate the leveling up she’s helped us achieve as a brand and as a community. #DJC$FORLIFE 

Then finally, Trish Demesmin, our Front House Coordinator, Tribe Ambassador, and original Co-Founder decided to resign. This decision was more split than the other two. Essentially it boils down to the fact that she has more opportunities than ever before. She is involved with three different permitted cannabis businesses in addition to the Getaway. This splits her time and focus and therefore didn’t yield her a significant enough percentage of ownership with GGG to make it worth her time to continue to contribute as a board member. And we get it. There are so many demands on her personal and professional time and energy. Combine that with the vast needs of GGG and the investment didn’t yield the rewards her other projects do. So, since Business 101 and common sense both say to work on the things that yield the most results, we respect and support her decision. She’s a hot commodity and we are grateful for everything she’s contributed to the Getaway - including helping to name it!! We love her and will miss her infectious smile and bigass blunts, and hope that when she has the time, she’ll squeeze in a Getaway and come play with us. #TRICHOMETRISH

Continuing in the spirit of transparency, none of us have made any money to date on GGG, so there is no ill will towards these ladies for choosing to invest their time and efforts in other endeavors. This is a passion project and sometimes our passions call us in different directions and we love and support that.

This leaves us with two: Miss Bliss and Mama Sailene. She and I will stand together as the heart of the tribe. We will continue as scheduled and continue to grow and expand the tribe with many new offerings coming soon. We will hold space for all 5 of our High Standards: Self Love, Inclusivity, Empathy, Good Fun, and Mindfulness. We will do our best to embody and live those Standards. Together we will continue to evolve the tribe to best serve the most essential need we all have: to connect. We honor and love our cannasisters, our fellow Ganja Goddesses. It is our absolute heart’s desire to serve and connect you. To hold space for transformational experiences and personal growth. To continue to elevate ourselves and be the best we can to better serve this tribe that we cherish and hold so dear.

Thank you for all you are to us, and for all that you have ever been. Each and every one of you.

All My Love, 
Miss Bliss