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We have become a tribe. A tribe is a community linked by social ties with a common culture, and that’s exactly what the Glowing Goddess Getaway has become. Our culture is built on using cannabis as a spiritual and creative tool, as well as sisterhood and love above all else. Our culture is also built on 5 High Standards of self love, inclusivity, empathy, mindfulness, and good fun.

Our private membership program allows us to expand the tribe while remaining legally compliant. Additionally, it allows us to build and evolve the infrastructure to host more Getaways and SisterSeshes all over the world. Plus, it allows us to do so based on where our members are located, rather than some sense of where we ought to go next.  And eventually, this system will allow us to create permanent Gathering Spaces everywhere the law allows. We want to be a platform for the tribe to connect, serve, and work together to make the world better.

So, if you’re a Glowing Goddess who doesn’t just light up, but GLOWS UP, we’re so glad you found us! We like to think of the Getaway as a home away from home, and we think you’ll feel that way too. So in that spirit - welcome to the tribe! Welcome home!! 

To join us at the Getaway, you have to first become a member of the tribe! It’s easy to become an official member, we have open admission now for just $4.20/month (limited space available). With this membership you can now fully celebrate being a Glowing Goddess by registering for private member gatherings!

Our membership plan is safe and fair. We have no contracts, you are free to cancel at any time. But you won’t want to because there are so many benefits to membership! What exactly comes with membership? 

  • Access to our Members Only Forum (aka the safest space to glow on the internet)

  • Access to FREE members only monthly SisterSeshSundays

  • Access to register for all private Ganja Goddess Gatherings

  • Quarterly postcards to feel the tribe vibes at home

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to register as an official member of the Glowing goddess Tribe